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"Chase Ceglie might be the biggest diamond in the rough in all of music right now."

"Chase has an incredible voice and his production style is incredibly fascinating." 

"[Fear and Love, Together...!] is a beautifully done record with fantastic vocals smothered in jazzy grooves."

"This album [Fear and Love...] made me feel anxious, amazed and left me wanting more and more. Chase's beautifully sad saxophone moments paired with brilliant production on most tracks delivered an intense listening experience that really does the album title justice."


"Fear and Love, Together...! is the logical conclusion to [the] singer/songwriter [genre]"
"The genre fusions are executed, the instrumentation is great, especially the saxophones, the lyrics carry a lot of weight into them and the style of the album is very unique and shows that Chase has a really bright future ahead ... the artist is just building up clout to soon release an album that will truly be a masterpiece."


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