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Chase Ceglie is a Rhode Island-based musician, pop recording artist, and award-winning saxophone player. With a sound that blends catchy melodies, pop and jazz harmonies, and soulful saxophone playing, Chase has built a dedicated fanbase as a writer, producer, performer, and educator.


From his early days studying at Berklee College of Music, Chase has been pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds. He began his pop discography in 2016 with his album "Onion," which he created entirely from his bedroom. Chase's music is heavily influenced by artists like Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren, Prince, and Paul McCartney, and his unique sound and style have earned him critical acclaim and a growing following. Since "Onion," Chase has continued to evolve and experiment with his music, releasing more albums: "Provisional Pop Songs" and the psychedelic concept album "Fear and Love, Together...!" In late 2022, he released his latest pop album, "Chaseland," a collection of indie/folk pop songs accompanied by a visual album. All eight videos were filmed and edited by Chase himself, showcasing his DIY approach and commitment to his craft.


Chase's pop live shows are high-energy and unpredictable, combining pop hooks with improvisation and showcasing his saxophone prowess. His jazz quartet, formed in 2021, was invited to play at the

Newport Jazz Festival in 2023. Chase also hosts an open jam session (NEE Jam) every first and third Monday in Newport, RI at the Firehouse Theater. 

Chase invites you to visit his Patreon page where fans can hear demos and support his ongoing creative endeavors.

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